Canterbury Soundwaves July Episode!

Matthew Watkins helps make this summer a little more pleasurable with the release of the July Episode of his Canterbury Soundwaves podcast. As usual, the episode is brimful of Canterburyan sounds, many of them slightly more obscure than what you may normally find. This time around, quite a lot of listening time and attention is dedicated to Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, Robert Wyatt and related.

Also listen closely around the 1 hour and 45 minutes for a generous mention of this site followed by Panzerpappa’s song Vintervake. Thanks for the mention, Matthew, and of course for putting together yet another brilliant episode – as always!

Listen : Canterbury Soundwaves Episode 9

The Polite Force on Summer Vacation

You may have noticed that the bustle there was seems to have ebbed out over the start of the summer. This is completely natural as Internet Connections have been a sporadic and rarer luxury the last weeks and the same can be said for music listening time. I’m on summer vacation and am currently spending time fishing, swimming and doing other offline pleasantries and I guess that goes more or less for our other contributors too.

We still welcome any activity on the site of course so if there’s anything you want to discuss, write a post or make a thread on the forums. I’ll contribute when I can.

So, until my vacation’s over, I’ll mainly enjoy Caravan, Hatfield, National Health, Soft Machine, Matching Mole and more on the car stereo while driving my open top in the sunshine. Happy summer guys :)