Soft Machine – 1975 – Bundles

Bundles is the eigth album by Canterbury band Soft Machine. The album is the last Soft Machine album to feature a member from the original line-up, Mike Ratledge. Bundles is also notable for featuring significant contributions from guitarist Allan Holdsworth and was the first Soft Machine album since the debut to feature guitar.


The album was recorded Columbia Studios in London between the 16th and 26th of July 1974. Engineer was Bernie O’Gourman while production is credited to Soft Machine.

Track listing

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Side A

  1. Hazard Profile Part 1 (9:18)
    • Karl Jenkins
  2. Part 2 (2:21)
    • Karl Jenkins
  3. Part 3 (1:05)
    • Karl Jenkins
  4. Part 4 (0:46)
    • Karl Jenkins
  5. Part 5 (5:29)
    • Karl Jenkins
  6. Gone Sailing (0:59)
    • Allan Holdsworth

Side B

  1. Bundles (3:14)
    • Karl Jenkins
  2. Land Of The Bag Snake (3:35)
    • Allan Holdsworth
  3. The Man Who Waved At Trains (1:50)
    • Mike Ratledge
  4. Peff (1:57)
    • Mike Ratledge
  5. Four Gongs Two Drums (4:09)
    • John Marshall
  6. The Floating World (7:12)
    • Karl Jenkins


[cc_half_col_left background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Soft Machine

  • Allan Holdsworth
    • Guitar, 12-string [6]
  • John Marshall
    • Drums, percussion [11]
  • Karl Jenkins
    • Oboe [5/10], soprano sax, acoustic piano [2], electric piano
  • Mike Ratledge
    • Electric Piano, organ, synthesizer [5]
  • Roy Babbington
    • Bass guitar[/cc_half_col_left]

[cc_half_col_left background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Guest musicians

  • Ray Warleigh
    • Alto & bass flutes [12][/cc_half_col_left]


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Happy Holdsworth Day!

Allan Holdsworth 1978
Allan Holdsworth

Today, we celebrate Allan Holdsworth who is now 65 years old. If you don’t know him, he’s an englishman from Bradford in North England who has been an avid cyclist and a beer enthusiast – so much that he’s invented his own tap called “The Fizzbuster”. He’s also one of the most interesting guitar (and SynthAxe) virtuosos from the fusion scene, period.

Although Mr. Holdsworth is not from Canterbury himself and is only loosely connected with the scene, afficionados may recognize him from late Soft Machine as he both played on and composed music for the 1975 album Bundles (which is pretty great). After Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Steve Hillage and others had left Gong and left the reins to drummer Pierre Moerlen, Holdsworth came on board to play as well as compose in Moerlen’s line-up for the albums Gazeuse! (great album, also known as “Expresso”) and it’s follow-up Expresso II. Adding to that, he’s also played on and Jean-Luc Ponty’s Enigmatic Ocean (which is a brilliant jazz-rock album) and has a sizeable discography in his own name. Both his playing and compositions are gifted, technical and immediately recognizable, making him one of the most skilled musicians to graze the scene.

So, let’s celebrate this fantastic artist by sharing some of our favourite Holdsworth stuff!