Canterbury Soundwaves September Episode

This is just a quick reminder to those who have yet to check out September’s episode of Matthew Watkins’ Canterbury Soundwaves podcast. Check it out! Matthew’s own summary of this month’s episode goes like this :


The entire set from an embryonic Hatfield and the North lineup live at the Tower of London in summer ’72, a beautiful Hugh Hopper/Richard Sinclair collaboration, the largely undocumented Hastings-Coughlan-Richardson-Austins-Evans Caravan lineup live in France in ’72, an extraordinary (and quite long) tape experiment put together by Daevid Allen in 1966, Kevin Ayers with The Wizards of Twiddly, Lindsay Cooper playing bassoon and electronics at a festival of Women’s Improvised Music in Zürich, ’86 and the latest on the Canterbury Soundwaves haiku competition!


So, Matthew is doing a Haiku competition. If you want to contribute, remember to do so before the deadline wich is on October 12th. To get more details and also have a look at the contributions so far, check out the comments section for Episode 10.

Canterbury Scene T-Shirts

Matching Mole T-Shirt from Old Skool Hooligans

Although my collection probably won’t impress anyone much, I’m a bit of a t-shirt guy. I like the t-shirty way of paying tribute to our favourite musical heroes, but I’ve so far yet to get myself a Canterbury Scene t-shirt. Needless to say, they can be tricky to find as our Canterburyans are generally not on the A list of famous bands and artists. Beatles and Pink Floyd shirts are abound, but if I could get my hands on a National Health or a Hatfield and the North t-shirt, I would be so much happier.

I didn’t find any National Health or Hatfield shirts (yet), but I’ve come across a few others. Check out my merchandise thread on the forums to see just what I’ve found and feel free to add your own discoveries to the list!

Forum Link : Canterbury Scene Merchandise!

John G. Perry – Sunset Wading (1976)

Sunset Wading is the debut album of musician and bass player John G. Perry. Aside from John G. Perry, the band features performances by several musicians, among them ex-fellow Caravan member Geoff Richardson and Elio D’Anna and Corrado Rusticci from the Italian band Nova.

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]John G. Perry on Sunset Wading :

It was really just a solo project, though, we had no plans for it to do any touring or anything else like that. Just a collection of musicians who I wanted to actually work with, I sort of wrote all the framework of it, but I wanted to give them the room to express themselves. So all the parts weren’t written, we all knew each other, and I could give them a lot of freedom within a sort of… structured framework of the story of “Sunset Wading”.

Source : Calyx


The album was recorded in late 1975 and early 1976 at Decca Studios in West Hampstead. Producer was Rupert Hine.

Track listing

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]

  1. I Wait My Friend (2:24)
    • John G. Perry
  2. How Goes The Night ? (0:15)
    • John G. Perry
  3. Devoke Water (4:51)
    • John G. Perry, Michael Giles, Rupert Hine, Simon Jeffes
  4. Birds And Small Furry Beasts (3:19)
    • John G. Perry, Elio D’Anna, Rupert Hine, Corrado Rusticci
  5. As Clouds Gather (3:45)
    • John G. Perry
  6. Storm (2:59)
    • John G. Perry
  7. Ah Well, You Can Only Get Wet! (1:56)
    • John G. Perry, Michael Giles, Ruper Hine, Morris Pert, Corrado Rusticci
  8. Dawn (7:05)
    • John G. Perry, Michael Giles, Rupert Hine, Simon Jeffes
  9. Morning Song (3:09)
    • John G. Perry, Michael Giles, Rupert Hine, Simon Jeffes
  10. On The Moor (3:09)
    • John G. Perry, Elio D’Anna, Michael Giles, Rupert Hine, Morris Pert, Corrado Rusticci
  11. Roundelay (0:51)
    • John G. Perry
  12. Etude (3:33)
    • John G. Perry
  13. A Rhythmic Stroll (1:12)
    • John G. Perry, Elio d’Anna, Michael Giles, Rupert Hine, Morris Pert, Corrado Rusticci
  14. Sunset Wading (2:35)
    • John G. Perry, Rupert Hine


[cc_half_col_left background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Band

  • John G. Perry
    • Bass, vocals, piano [2, 12]
  • Corrado Rusticci
    • Guitar
  • Elio D’Anna
    • Alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute [4]
  • Geoff Richardson
    • Viola, flute [1, 3, 11]
  • Rupert Hine
    • Piano, electric piano, celeste, moog, backing vocals
  • Michael Giles
    • Drums
  • Morris Pert
    • Marimba, vibes, percussion[/cc_half_col_left]

[cc_half_col_right background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Guest musicians

    • Beryl Streeter
      • Vocals
    • Roger Glover
      • A.R.P. synthesizer
    • Gavyn Wright
      • 1st violin
    • Steve Rowlinson
      • 2nd violin
    • Levine Andradi
      • Viola
    • Helen Liebman
      • Cello[/cc_half_col_right]

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Amoeba Split – 2010 – Dance of the Goodbyes

Dance of the goodbyes album cover

Dance of the goodbyes is the debut album by spanish jazz-rock Amoeba Split. Canterburyan influences and references generally makes the album and the band considered to be part of the extended Canterbury scene. For example, the first track “Dedicated to us, but we weren’t listening” is a reference to the Soft Machine song “Dedicated to you, but you weren’t listening” from the album Volume Two. Dance of the goodbyes was the result of four years work and was nominated for best debut album of 2010 on the italian website Progawards.


The album was recorded at Fuzz Studios in A Coruña in Spain. The sound engineer was Ezequiel Orol. Work on the album started in 2006 and in 2010, it was released on the independent label Autoedita.

Track listing

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]All songs by Amoeba Split.

  1. Dedicated to us, but we weren’t listening (3:52)
    • Alberto Villarroya
  2. Perfumed Garden (9:43)
    • Alberto Villarroya
  3. Turbulent Matrix (10:47)
    • Alberto Villarroya
  4. Blessed Water (12:25)
    • Alberto Villarroya
  5. Qwerty (0:52)
    • Alberto Villarroya
  6. Flight to nowhere (23:39)
    • Alberto Villarroya


[cc_half_col_left background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Amoeba Split

  • Ricardo Castro Varela
    • Keyboards
  • Alberto Villarroya López
    • Bass, guitars
  • Fernando Lamas
    • Drums
  • María Toro
    • Flute, vocals
  • Pablo Añón
    • Soprano, alto & tenor saxes[/cc_half_col_left]

[cc_half_col_right background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Guest musicians

  • Gastón Rodríguez
    • Guitar [3][/cc_half_col_right]

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The Canterbury Scene Album Club starts up again!

The Canterbury Album Club took a long vacation this summer, but now it’s back up and running. Right now, the poll has been reset and restarted and so participants can now vote for what should be next week’s homework album. The choices this week stand between archival material from The Wilde Flowers, The Polite Force and Kevin Ayers latest and critically acclaimed release The Unfairground. If you’d like to check out or discuss any of these fine albums in the near future, check out our album club!

Canterbury Soundwaves August Episode

Sorry for being a bit behind the times. There really are several good explanations for it. Anyways, roughly a month ago, Matthew Watkins released the August episode of his Canterbury Soundwaves Podcast which explores what’s collectively thought of as the Canterbury Sound. As always, Watkins does a fine job of including the scene’s more outlying regions, such as rare tracks or loosely affiliated acts such as this episode’s guest artist, the japanese band Sixnorth.

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and please yourself with last month’s Canterbury Soundwaves. ;)

Link : Canterbury Soundwaves Episode 10 (August)