Canterbury Soundwaves Episode 13

Yesterday, Matthew Watkins released the 13th episode of his brilliant Canterbury Soundwaves podcast which mixes Canterbury rarities and trivia with old classics. This month’s episode has a special treat, an interview with Annie Whitehead! Here’s Matthew’s description of the episode :


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An extended chat with jazz trombone legend, East Kent resident and Robert Wyatt collaborator Annie Whitehead about jazz, politics and feminism in the 1980s, Zappa, Wyatt’s creative processes, the “Soupsongs” band she assembled to play his music live, her various collaborations with Elton Dean, Phil Miller, Dave Stewart, Geoffrey Richardson, John Etheridge, et al., as well as the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Also, the classic Soft Machine trio lineup on French TV in late ’67 (incredible, newly surfaced footage), the top three Canterbury tunes from our winning haiku poet, and a few thoughts from the current Archbishop, Rowan Williams.

For more info and archived earlier episodes, seeĀ


Link : Canterbury Soundwaves Episode 13

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