Canterbury Soundwaves January Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

Matthew Watkins podcast continues into 2012 with this episode of Canterbury Soundwaves, a show which explores the many corners of the Canterbury sound, including the nichey, rare and dusty. Regarding this month’s episode, Mathew has the following to say.


No particular theme this time, but a lot of tracks featuring the wind playing of Pye Hastings’ brother Jimmy (so a lot of Caravan, but also some Hatfield and National Health, as well as something entriely unexpected from 2001). Also, Ollie Halsall at his finest, Hugh Hopper and Robert Wyatt (still) experimenting with tape loops in the late 90’s, a Malian woman singing Wyatt’s “Alifib”, obscure hiphop beats based on loops of Canterbury material, and a drunk-but-functioning Whole World playing up a storm in London’s Hyde Park, summer 1970.


Check it out! 

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