Canterbury Soundwaves October Episode

Matthew Watkins’ episode 12 of his Canterbury Soundwaves podcast was released on the 9th of October. For those who don’t know it, it’s a podcast radio exploring the Canterbury Sound which features the music we love and of course a wealth of rarities and even interviews. Here’s a quick description of October’s episode :


Strange encounters with punk, funk, new wave and disco, as typified by Daevid Allen’s late 70’s New York Gong project. Also, Soft Machine experiencing technical difficulties (but ultimately triumphing) at the 1970 BBC Proms, Hatfield Mark II (with Dave Sinclair on keyboards, and Robert Wyatt on guest vocals), a freaky Gong jam from ’72 with mystery trumpet player, some Canterbury sounds from early 70’s Holland, thirty-seven seconds of unparalleled brilliance from Henry Cow (twice), the last vocalist you’d ever expect to hear on Canterbury Soundwaves and the winning entry in our recent haiku competition…


Check it out!

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