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New Site FAQ & User Guide

I’ve finally written up a proper User Guide & FAQ which describes how to use the site. The guide will explain and show you how to write on our forums as well as this blog / front page part of our site. Please check it out and if you have any questions that the guide does not cover, just ask in the thread!

Link : User Guide & FAQ

The Canterbury Scene Album Club starts up again!

The Canterbury Album Club took a long vacation this summer, but now it’s back up and running. Right now, the poll has been reset and restarted and so participants can now vote for what should be next week’s homework album. The choices this week stand between archival material from The Wilde Flowers, The Polite Force and Kevin Ayers latest and critically acclaimed release The Unfairground. If you’d like to check out or discuss any of these fine albums in the near future, check out our album club!

The Canterbury Album Club tackles The Snow Goose

Camel - Music Inspired by the Snow Goose
Music Inspired by the Snow Goose

The Canterbury Scene Album Club has given Camel’s classic album Music Inspired by the Snow Goose a listen. The album, which is entirely instrumental, follows the narrative of Paul Gallico’s novel The Snow Goose, a story about the regenerative power of love and friendship. Since it’s release, the album has become a fan with many Camel fans and is widely regarded Canterbury Scene Classic.

Check it out if you haven’t and join in our discussion!

Forum thread : Camel – Music Inspired by the Snow Goose (1975)

The Album Club tackles National Health

The Canterbury Scene Album Club is a loosely organized album club where we listen to albums and then discuss them. Last week, we gave National Health’s debut from 1977 a listen and now the time’s ripe for discussion!

Dave Stewart is behind the bulk of the compositions on the album and the record also features his ex-Hatfield bandmates Phil Miller and Pip Pyle as well as northette Amanda Parsons. In addition, we get the brilliant keyboardist Alan Gowen composing and playing, lovely flute by Jimmy Hastings and bass lines from Neil Murray from Whitesnake fame.

Any fan of Hatfield and the North should check out National Health if they haven’t (and vice versa) – and when you have, join in on our discussion. :)

Forum link : National Health – National Health (1977)

The Canterbury Scene Album Club

Would you like to discuss Canterbury scene albums?

The Canterbury Album Club is now up and running and will attempt to facilitate just that, discussions of Canterbury albums. Every week, there will be a new homework album declared so that people have time to prepare for the upcoming discussion. Then, every week, a new thread will be made on the forums in order to discuss last week’s homework album. Just what albums are discussed will be voted on and, of course, anyone can nominate albums for future discussions. The aim is to have fun and share our love for Canterbury so participation is without any kind of obligations or conditions.

If this sounds interesting to you, please check out our Canterbury Scene Album Club on the forums!