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Romantic Warrior III : Canterbury Tales

Documentary filmmakers Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder need your help! They are working on their documentary series, Romantic Warriors, and now they’re currently in production of their third film, Canterbury Tales. As you might have guessed already, this film focuses on the Canterbury scene and will feature interviews with a wealth of musicians like Phil Miller, Dirk Campbell, David Sinclair, Brian Hopper and Didier Malherbe, just to mention a few.

They’ve also made a trailer.


Currently, they are working on getting funding to complete their film and, unless i july 11th already, you can help them. Read more about the project and help them reach their 20 000 USD goal on :


Canterbury Soundwaves June Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

Yesterday, the June episode of Canterbury Soundwaves came out. For those of you who don’t know, Canterbury Soundwaves is a podcast radio show by Matthew Watkins who explores the far corners of the Canterbury Sound. On June’s episode, he’s written the following :


A tribute to Elton Dean (1945-2006), from his earliest recordings with Bluesology and the Keith Tippett Group through his classic work with Soft Machine and beyond, including Ninesense, Newsense, Soft Heap, Pip Pyle’s Equip’Out and National Health, to his very last composition and recording. Also, Caravan playing Gershwin (1970), Daevid Allen playing dubious guitar with Princess Flower and the Moonrays (1968), the Gong Family Glissando Orchestra playing a single note for a very long time in an Amsterdam coffeeshop (2006)…and the fool who appropriated Mr. Dean’s name making an incongruous cameo on a Kevin Ayers song.


Link : Check it out! 

Canterbury Soundwaves March Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

The March episode of the Canterbury Soundwaves podcast came out a couple of days ago and is a little special as it features an interview with the great Mark Hewins. Don’t miss out!


Featuring an interview with guitarist Mark Hewins about his various collaborative work with Elton Dean, Pip Pyle, Hugh Hopper, John Greaves, the Miller brothers, the Sinclair cousins, Gong, Lol Coxhill, Lady June, etc., as well as his innovative guitar styles. Also, early B-sides from both Kevin Ayers and Gong, some Soft Heap, and more Canterbury-sourced hiphop (this time, Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah spitting over a ’68 Softs loop!)


Link : Check it out! 

Canterbury Soundwaves February “Hendrix” Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

February’s episode of Matthew Watkins’ Canterbury Soundwaves podcast features special guest Jimi Hendrix. In his own words :


It’s the Hendrix episode, looking at the Soft Machine/Jimi Hendrix Experience alliance of 1967-68, including studio jams involving Robert Wyatt playing drums for Hendrix and Hendrix playing bass for Wyatt, memories of Jimi from Ayers, Hopper and Wyatt, and a staggeringly wonderful (although rather hissy) live set from the Soft Machine’s support tour of the USA with the Experience. A lot more Wyatt vocals elsewhere too (to make up for the relative lack last time): impersonating John Lennon (successfully), singing anagrams and palindromes for John Greaves’ “Kew. Rhône” project, adding to an intriguing mix of Annie Whitehead’s trombone and electronics, and rabble-rousing with 80’s politico-jazzband The Happy End. Also, National Health’s only TV appearance, Hatfield’s only New York appearance, Steve Miller’s only Caravan album, Kevin Ayers back in Hyde Park making more joyful noise (summer 1974 this time) and a very squelchy analogue (Tim) Blakean slice of live Gong from 1973.



Link : Check it out! 

Canterbury Soundwaves January Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

Matthew Watkins podcast continues into 2012 with this episode of Canterbury Soundwaves, a show which explores the many corners of the Canterbury sound, including the nichey, rare and dusty. Regarding this month’s episode, Mathew has the following to say.


No particular theme this time, but a lot of tracks featuring the wind playing of Pye Hastings’ brother Jimmy (so a lot of Caravan, but also some Hatfield and National Health, as well as something entriely unexpected from 2001). Also, Ollie Halsall at his finest, Hugh Hopper and Robert Wyatt (still) experimenting with tape loops in the late 90’s, a Malian woman singing Wyatt’s “Alifib”, obscure hiphop beats based on loops of Canterbury material, and a drunk-but-functioning Whole World playing up a storm in London’s Hyde Park, summer 1970.


Check it out! 

Deconstructing Star Blind

Fans of Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskins can consider themselves a little more musically gifted in 2012 as Dave’s deconstructed their song Star Blind from the 1991 album Spin which was re-released last year. In order to help you figure out how it goes, there are helpful descriptions and even sheet music to help you along. Anyone with the know-how who would like a peek inside Dave Stewart’s highly composed mind should check it out.

PS! My Chrome browser has a problem with properly displaying the media content on the site and so you might want to opt for a different browser.

Link : Inside the Music Online – Star Blind

Canterbury Soundwaves December Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

In case anyone (else) missed it at the time of it’s release, the December episode of Matthew Watkins’ podcast Canterbury Soundwaves was released on Dec. 8th.


An exploration of Canterbury connections with Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd (mostly Soft Machine related, but not all), including some remarkable Floyd recordings you’ve probably never heard. Also, some very free jazz from Lol and Didier, more incredible autumn ’67 Soft Machine from French telly, Kev and Daev reunited, Matching Mole live, a beautiful two-part cover of “O Caroline”… and Caravan playing with an orchestra and getting away with it (arguably).


Check it out!

FaceLift Magazine – The Canterbury scene and beyond

FaceLift Magazine, all issues!

Back in the day, between 1989 and 1999, Phil Howitt put together FaceLift Magazine, a fanzine dedicated to the Canterbury scene. An increasing number of fans and writers helped fill each issue. In addition to a wealth of information on the scene including articles, reviews, prints of posters and the like, the various issues featured interviews with many musicians from the scene, some who have sadly passed away since then. In the end, 19 issues were made and together they’re a treasure trove of information for enthusiasts.

In the 90s when most of these issues were made, I was a kid or a teenager. I didn’t know who Mike Ratledge or Daevid Allen was and I’d never had the pleasure of listening to National Health or Matching Mole. When I later did become a fan, I read about the existence of the FaceLift fanzine and I remember thinking how I would’ve loved to be a subscriber or contributor had I been who I am now back then. Thus, I was very happy and surprised to find that Phil Howitt is still selling his fanzine!

Today, roughly a week after my discovery, I’ve become the proud owner of all 19 issues which I look very much forward to diving into. So, thanks to Phil and everyone else who contributed. I look forward to reading your magazine!

Check out : FaceLift Magazine Website

Canterbury Soundwaves Episode 13

Yesterday, Matthew Watkins released the 13th episode of his brilliant Canterbury Soundwaves podcast which mixes Canterbury rarities and trivia with old classics. This month’s episode has a special treat, an interview with Annie Whitehead! Here’s Matthew’s description of the episode :


itunes pic

An extended chat with jazz trombone legend, East Kent resident and Robert Wyatt collaborator Annie Whitehead about jazz, politics and feminism in the 1980s, Zappa, Wyatt’s creative processes, the “Soupsongs” band she assembled to play his music live, her various collaborations with Elton Dean, Phil Miller, Dave Stewart, Geoffrey Richardson, John Etheridge, et al., as well as the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Also, the classic Soft Machine trio lineup on French TV in late ’67 (incredible, newly surfaced footage), the top three Canterbury tunes from our winning haiku poet, and a few thoughts from the current Archbishop, Rowan Williams.

For more info and archived earlier episodes, see


Link : Canterbury Soundwaves Episode 13

Canterbury Soundwaves October Episode

Matthew Watkins’ episode 12 of his Canterbury Soundwaves podcast was released on the 9th of October. For those who don’t know it, it’s a podcast radio exploring the Canterbury Sound which features the music we love and of course a wealth of rarities and even interviews. Here’s a quick description of October’s episode :


Strange encounters with punk, funk, new wave and disco, as typified by Daevid Allen’s late 70’s New York Gong project. Also, Soft Machine experiencing technical difficulties (but ultimately triumphing) at the 1970 BBC Proms, Hatfield Mark II (with Dave Sinclair on keyboards, and Robert Wyatt on guest vocals), a freaky Gong jam from ’72 with mystery trumpet player, some Canterbury sounds from early 70’s Holland, thirty-seven seconds of unparalleled brilliance from Henry Cow (twice), the last vocalist you’d ever expect to hear on Canterbury Soundwaves and the winning entry in our recent haiku competition…


Check it out!