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Canterbury Soundwaves July Episode!

Matthew Watkins helps make this summer a little more pleasurable with the release of the July Episode of his Canterbury Soundwaves podcast. As usual, the episode is brimful of Canterburyan sounds, many of them slightly more obscure than what you may normally find. This time around, quite a lot of listening time and attention is dedicated to Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, Robert Wyatt and related.

Also listen closely around the 1 hour and 45 minutes for a generous mention of this site followed by Panzerpappa’s song Vintervake. Thanks for the mention, Matthew, and of course for putting together yet another brilliant episode – as always!

Listen : Canterbury Soundwaves Episode 9

Canterbury Soundwaves podcast

Would you like to listen to obscure Canterburyan recordings intermingled with insightful comments, trivia and even interviews?

If yes, you should check out the blog and podcast by official Canterbury-smart-cookie Matthew Watkins who have done all us Canterbury fans a big favour. He’s put together his own little “radio show” for people like you and me where he explores what’s thought of as the Canterbury sound. Aside from playing wonderful music (of course), Matthew is also incredibly insightful when it comes to knowledge on the scene and he has a lot of interesting information and trivia to share, including rare recordings and radio interviews. Last month’s episode 5 also featured an interview with new and upcoming Canterbury band Syd Arthur and more interesting interviews may pop up in the future.

In short, every podcast is a journey and truly a gift to us interested in the scene. Canterbury Soundwaves have our warmest recommendations and we hope Matthew keeps it up well into the future. Check it out!

Link : Canterbury Soundwaves