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Romantic Warrior III : Canterbury Tales

Documentary filmmakers Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder need your help! They are working on their documentary series, Romantic Warriors, and now they’re currently in production of their third film, Canterbury Tales. As you might have guessed already, this film focuses on the Canterbury scene and will feature interviews with a wealth of musicians like Phil Miller, Dirk Campbell, David Sinclair, Brian Hopper and Didier Malherbe, just to mention a few.

They’ve also made a trailer.


Currently, they are working on getting funding to complete their film and, unless i july 11th already, you can help them. Read more about the project and help them reach their 20 000 USD goal on :


In the Land of Grey and Pink – 40th Anniversary Rerelease

A while ago now, the upcoming 40 year anniversary of the classic landmark Canterbury album, Caravan’s In the Land of Grey and Pink, was announced. This upcoming treasure trove of Caravanish delights is due for release on the 30th of May. Of course, the album will already be highly familiar to Canterbury connoiseurs as it’s one of the quintessential releases from the scene and a long-time favourite with many fans of Caravan, particularly those who like the group with a bit of Sinclair as both Dave and Richard contributed significantly to this album.

Here’s what the official sources have to say :

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]Description:

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the release of Caravan’s In The Land Of Grey And Pink, Universal is pleased to announce a special three-disc, deluxe edition of the album. The original multi-track session and album masters have been revisited by Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree and Blackfield) who has prepared new stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound mixes.

Disc One features the original album newly remastered by Paschal Byrne at The Audio Archive plus three new Stereo mixes by Steven Wilson.

Disc Two features two previously unreleased versions of “It Doesn’t Take A Lot” and “Nigel Blows A Tune” plus four non-album tracks remixed by Wilson Disc two also includes three songs recorded live for BBC radio’s Sounds of the Seventies – “Love To Love You”, “Love Song Without Flute” and “In The Land Of Grey And Pink” plus two songs recorded live for John Peel’s Sunday Concert which included a superb cover version of Soft Machine’s “Feelin’, Reelin’, Squealin’” and Caravan’s own magnum opus, “Nine Feet Underground”.

Disc Three is a DVD featuring the brand new 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo mix of the album plus two performances recorded for German TV’s Beat Club in June 1971. “Golf Girl” was broadcast at the time but “Winter Wine” has never been seen. 

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So in other words, there will be a lot of interesting bonus material, even a recorded perfomance of Winter Wine that has never before been broadcast! Anyone else looking forward to this? :D