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Vintervake is a song by norwegian avant-garde prog band Panzerpappa. It was written by Steinar Børve. Featuring vocals by Richard Sinclair, Vintervake was the only song with sung lyrics from the band’s fourth album Koralrevens Klagesang from 2006.


As there’s no official written source for the song’s lyrics, the ones given here may not be entirely correct. (?) after a word indicates the word might not be the correct one.


Flickering lights
in the sky
shines upon my troubling nights

Is this for real
or a dream
this enormous cold that I feel

Onwards I strive
step by step
trying just to keep me alive

What’s there to see
where to go
can anybody help me to breathe (?)

Hear how they call
sickly sweet
sirens, as they wait for my fall

Still I go on…

Figures in white
guided me away from the light

Deep underground
to a world
where the strangest creatures are found

Both foul and fair
after (?)  me
mock me without heeding my prayer

My life was frail
death was drawing near
here in the land of the pale

Then in a flash
all is changed
someone pulled my life from the ash

Honey I’m back…


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