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FaceLift Magazine, all issues!

Back in the day, between 1989 and 1999, Phil Howitt put together FaceLift Magazine, a fanzine dedicated to the Canterbury scene. An increasing number of fans and writers helped fill each issue. In addition to a wealth of information on the scene including articles, reviews, prints of posters and the like, the various issues featured interviews with many musicians from the scene, some who have sadly passed away since then. In the end, 19 issues were made and together they’re a treasure trove of information for enthusiasts.

In the 90s when most of these issues were made, I was a kid or a teenager. I didn’t know who Mike Ratledge or Daevid Allen was and I’d never had the pleasure of listening to National Health or Matching Mole. When I later did become a fan, I read about the existence of the FaceLift fanzine and I remember thinking how I would’ve loved to be a subscriber or contributor had I been who I am now back then. Thus, I was very happy and surprised to find that Phil Howitt is still selling his fanzine!

Today, roughly a week after my discovery, I’ve become the proud owner of all 19 issues which I look very much forward to diving into. So, thanks to Phil and everyone else who contributed. I look forward to reading your magazine!

Check out : FaceLift Magazine Website

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