About Us

The Polite Force is a non-profit music community site first and foremost dedicated to appreciators of the Canterbury scene which is a music scene centered around Canterbury in England that started back in the 1960s with bands like Caravan and Soft Machine. In addition to facilitating discussion and information exchange on Canterbury scene/music related topics, The Polite Force aims to be a resource on factual information on all things Canterbury scene related where entries on bands, artists and releases will be searchable and indexable. This will be a work over time and if you are able to contribute, please consider helping us out!

We do our best to make sure all use of pictures and art used on our webpages is legal, for example using pictures released to public domain or by making sure that conditions for use are met when published here. Should you see any use of picures or other copyrighted material that you consider to be morally or legally wrong, please report it to webmaster@politeforce.com.