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Syd Arthur

Syd Arthur is an english Canterbury based rock band. They are considered (new) members of the Canterbury scene and recently released their debut EP, Moving World.


Before settling on the name Syd Arthur, the band was called Grumpy Jumpers and then Moshka. The band’s live career dates back to 2006 and they’ve spent the years between then and their debut playing concerts, also at festivals, both in England and elsewhere in Europe. In 2009, they set up Wicker Studios, their own self-funded studio space on the outskirts of southeast London. During a hectic week at the end of 2010, they recorded what would be their first release, the Moving World EP. Moving World was released on the 28th of March 2011.


  • Guitarist and singer Liam Magill has cited Hatfield and the North as one of the band’s major influences.
  • The name Syd Arthur was humorously inspired by Herman Hesse’s book Siddartha
  • Raven Bush is the son of John Carder Bush who is the brother of famous artist Catherine ‘Kate’ Bush, making Raven Bush Kate Bush’s nephew


  • Liam Magill
    • Lead vocals, guitar, flute, percussion, effects
  • Joel Magill
    • Bass, vocals, percussion, effects
  • Raven Bush
    • Violin, mandolin, piano, percussion, vocals, effects
  • Fred Rother
    • Drums


Moving World (2011)



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