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Canterbury Soundwaves June Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

Yesterday, the June episode of Canterbury Soundwaves came out. For those of you who don’t know, Canterbury Soundwaves is a podcast radio show by Matthew Watkins who explores the far corners of the Canterbury Sound. On June’s episode, he’s written the following :


A tribute to Elton Dean (1945-2006), from his earliest recordings with Bluesology and the Keith Tippett Group through his classic work with Soft Machine and beyond, including Ninesense, Newsense, Soft Heap, Pip Pyle’s Equip’Out and National Health, to his very last composition and recording. Also, Caravan playing Gershwin (1970), Daevid Allen playing dubious guitar with Princess Flower and the Moonrays (1968), the Gong Family Glissando Orchestra playing a single note for a very long time in an Amsterdam coffeeshop (2006)…and the fool who appropriated Mr. Dean’s name making an incongruous cameo on a Kevin Ayers song.


Link : Check it out! 

Canterbury Soundwaves March Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

The March episode of the Canterbury Soundwaves podcast came out a couple of days ago and is a little special as it features an interview with the great Mark Hewins. Don’t miss out!


Featuring an interview with guitarist Mark Hewins about his various collaborative work with Elton Dean, Pip Pyle, Hugh Hopper, John Greaves, the Miller brothers, the Sinclair cousins, Gong, Lol Coxhill, Lady June, etc., as well as his innovative guitar styles. Also, early B-sides from both Kevin Ayers and Gong, some Soft Heap, and more Canterbury-sourced hiphop (this time, Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah spitting over a ’68 Softs loop!)


Link : Check it out! 

Canterbury Soundwaves February “Hendrix” Episode

Canterbury Soundwaves, the Canterbury Scene podcast

February’s episode of Matthew Watkins’ Canterbury Soundwaves podcast features special guest Jimi Hendrix. In his own words :


It’s the Hendrix episode, looking at the Soft Machine/Jimi Hendrix Experience alliance of 1967-68, including studio jams involving Robert Wyatt playing drums for Hendrix and Hendrix playing bass for Wyatt, memories of Jimi from Ayers, Hopper and Wyatt, and a staggeringly wonderful (although rather hissy) live set from the Soft Machine’s support tour of the USA with the Experience. A lot more Wyatt vocals elsewhere too (to make up for the relative lack last time): impersonating John Lennon (successfully), singing anagrams and palindromes for John Greaves’ “Kew. Rhône” project, adding to an intriguing mix of Annie Whitehead’s trombone and electronics, and rabble-rousing with 80’s politico-jazzband The Happy End. Also, National Health’s only TV appearance, Hatfield’s only New York appearance, Steve Miller’s only Caravan album, Kevin Ayers back in Hyde Park making more joyful noise (summer 1974 this time) and a very squelchy analogue (Tim) Blakean slice of live Gong from 1973.



Link : Check it out! 

Canterbury Soundwave’s May Episode is out!

Some of you are already familiar with Canterbury Soundwaves. If you’re not, you may be pleased to learn that Canterbury Soundwaves is a podcast dedicated to exploring the Canterbury Sound. It’s episodes are released monthly by main man Matthew Watkins and have featured the music we love, a generous amount of rare recordings, interview and lots and lots of information – making each episode a treasure trove not just for the casual listener, but also for those who’d like to learn something new about the scene.

Here’s a little information on what to expect from this month’s episode 7.

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]From Matthew

[..] Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Caravan’s “In the Land of Grey and Pink”. Also, Canterbury sounds from Belgium, something appropriately far-out from Gong’s “Mushroom Tapes”, Kevin Ayers addressing the nation’s schoolchildren in 1972, Matching Mole on French telly, two Beatles covers, two flavours of fruit jam, and a chunk of the Soft Machine’s (almost) forgotten score to the 1969 London ‘happening’ “Spaced”. 

There’s that and more, including some interesting Matching Mole remixes by the UK group Ultramarine, and of course there’s the usual generous helping of trivia!

If you’re new to the Canterbury Soundwaves, you might wanna start out with episode 1. The rest of you should check out the latest.

Link : Episode 7 on Canterbury Soundwaves

Syd Arthur’s debut : Moving World

Syd Arthur have released their debut, Moving World. This news is actually a month old, but it may still be fresh enough for many Canterbury connoiseurs as the band Syd Arthur is likely still a treasure waiting to be discovered for many fans of the scene.

Syd Arthur is one of the new members of the Canterbury scene and also a name fans of english 70s prog rock may find eerily familiar. The group’s members have cited rock bands from the 60s and 70s as big inspirations and influences on their sound. As the group is Canterbury based, some of those inspirations are obviously from the Canterbury scene which Syd Arthur is now also generally considered part of. In an interview from 2009, singer and guitarist Liam cited Hatfield and the North as his favourite group. We heartily approve!

I first heard about Syd Arthur on the Canterbury Soundwaves podcast as they’ve been played in each episode (I believe) and also did an interview in episode 5. Listening to the podcasts made me curious enough to check them out. I also recently contacted them asking for pictures and information I could use on this site which they were kind enough to provide (thanks guys!). The timing has been pretty good because just about a month ago, the band released their debut EP Moving World. The music on their debut EP is energetic, beautiful, layered and accessible and has been described as “Jamiroquai jamming with Jethro Tull” by Paul Lester in an article for The Guardian. I’m not sure how comfortable the band are with that description, but Moving World is an impressive debut that you should check out, particularly if you’re interested in what’s happening in the Canterbury scene today.

The EP can be listened to in it’s entirety and ordered from the band’s website for 5 pounds or bought digitally for an optional price at a 1 pound minimum. Pocket change in other words .. Check it out!

Link : sydarthur.co.uk

Canterbury Soundwaves podcast

Would you like to listen to obscure Canterburyan recordings intermingled with insightful comments, trivia and even interviews?

If yes, you should check out the blog and podcast by official Canterbury-smart-cookie Matthew Watkins who have done all us Canterbury fans a big favour. He’s put together his own little “radio show” for people like you and me where he explores what’s thought of as the Canterbury sound. Aside from playing wonderful music (of course), Matthew is also incredibly insightful when it comes to knowledge on the scene and he has a lot of interesting information and trivia to share, including rare recordings and radio interviews. Last month’s episode 5 also featured an interview with new and upcoming Canterbury band Syd Arthur and more interesting interviews may pop up in the future.

In short, every podcast is a journey and truly a gift to us interested in the scene. Canterbury Soundwaves have our warmest recommendations and we hope Matthew keeps it up well into the future. Check it out!

Link : Canterbury Soundwaves