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Moonlit Sailor – 2008 – A Footprint of Feelings

A Footprint of Feelings was one of the first of three albums that Moonlit Sailor has released so far. I recently just picked up this album but haven’t gotten around to listening to the others just yet. If this album is any indication to how the rest of their music sounds on the albums that come after this one, I am going to be excited when I finally get a hold of the next two albums. This album on it’s own has not only strengthened my appreciation for the post rock genre as a whole, but it’s allowed me to discover even more bands that the genre has to offer (thanks to last.fm). This album is the epitome of “chill, and laid back”. It’s probably one of the most chill post rock albums i’ve heard in a long time, or ever for that matter. One album that would probably come close to this one however could be pg.lost’s Yes I Am album. So if you like this album, or vice versa, you should pick up the other. Two different artists, but close to the same basic sound you would get in a post rock album.

A lot of songs I really really enjoy on this album. I don’t hate any of them in particular, but some don’t stick as well as others. So the select few that I enjoy quite a bit are:

Don’t get me wrong. All of the songs sound absolutely phenomenal on this album. But it may take a few more listens to see if the songs that I don’t like a whole lot yet, will grow on me.