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Panzerpappa – 2006 – Koralrevens Klagesang

Koralrevens Klagesang (2006)

Panzerpappa is a band from from Oslo, Norway. In their own words, the band plays “progressive rock with a friendly face” but is more accurately described as RIO/Avant-Prog with influences stretching back to 70s bands like Henry Cow, King Crimson and Samla Mammas Manna with a dash of Canterbury like Hatfield and the North. The band has so far released four albums with the fifth, called Astromalist, currently in the final stages of production. The band’s fourth effort, Koralrevens Klagesang, mixes rock in opposition, prog and jazz together to great effect. In addition to the band (Trond Gjellum, Jarle G. Storløkken, Anders Krabberød, Steinar Børve), the album also features contributions from a range of musicians which, I imagine readers of this website will be pleased to hear, includes a guest vocal performance by Richard Sinclair.

Album review

Listening to the album again, I notice how refreshingly diverse it is. Each song clearly has its own identity and attempts its own thing. The album features a recurring title theme called Koralrevens Klagesang parts I, II and III and even though they share a same musical theme, they all sound very different. The two first parts open the album with the intro track being a mournful tune dominated by a brass section while the second descends into barely structured chaos featuring sinister sounds which, to me, are reminiscent of Univers Zero. The album’s third track is as close as you get to a prog epic on the album which features, along with great sax and guitar, great use of vibraphone in its first half. Some of the hooks here have a way of getting stuck in the ears.

Apraxia is a beautifully slow and layered piece that I thought reminiscent of Return to Forever’s Crystal silence when I first heard it. Bass at the bottom and then beautiful vibraphone, balaphone and guitar forms the basis while a mournful saxophone solos on top. A moment towards the end when the sax finishes its solo and an acoustic guitar enters to finish the piece is one of the most hair raising moments of delight found on the record. Vintervake, featuring vocals by Richard Sinclair, will likely be a favourite with anyone listening to the album for the first time. Richard’s singing gives it an instantly Canterburyan feel, but the composition (by Steinar Børve) is still very Panzerpappa. Etyde and Frenetisk Frenologi (For Nybegynnere) are both instrumental pieces that, to me, seem to tell some sort of narrative. Both songs feature changing themes exploring musical landscapes from the upbeat and beautiful at one extreme to aplocalyptic gloom at the other.

The album’s finale is a beautiful acoustic version of the Koralrevens Klagesang theme featuring clarinet and two acoustic guitars. As an added trivia, the track features no overdubs and so a few takes were done. Just after the final take (the one featured on the album), one of the strings on Jarle’s guitar breaks and so the last sound we hear on the album is the sound of the string tearing and unwinding a bit before it suddenly snaps.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

Final words

I’d be the first to admit that I’ve yet to get something resembling a firm grip on modern RIO/prog. I am still by far mostly listening to records from the 70s. Although I probably would’ve picked up the album eventually due to its guest performance by Richard, I got around to it quicker as Anders Krabberød (bass) is a personal friend, something which helps make this album extra special. Still, my praise is not simply a plug for a friend. According to Gnosis, Koralrevens Klagesang is currently the second best album from Norway in their database. Although it’s been a while since I first heard it, I still find  it a highly interesting album which covers a lot of musical ground and contains many enjoyable highlights. Those not familiar with avantgarde music may find it a challenging listen, but probably not to the point of being exclusive as songs like Apraxia and Koralrevens Klagesang III should be enjoyable to just about anyone, at least those visiting this website!

Koralrevens Klagesang is still my favourite Norwegian album and, I suspect, will be until the upcoming release of Astromalist which I very much look forward to.

[rating:5/5] (5/5)


Vintervake is a song by norwegian avant-garde prog band Panzerpappa. It was written by Steinar Børve. Featuring vocals by Richard Sinclair, Vintervake was the only song with sung lyrics from the band’s fourth album Koralrevens Klagesang from 2006.


As there’s no official written source for the song’s lyrics, the ones given here may not be entirely correct. (?) after a word indicates the word might not be the correct one.


Flickering lights
in the sky
shines upon my troubling nights

Is this for real
or a dream
this enormous cold that I feel

Onwards I strive
step by step
trying just to keep me alive

What’s there to see
where to go
can anybody help me to breathe (?)

Hear how they call
sickly sweet
sirens, as they wait for my fall

Still I go on…

Figures in white
guided me away from the light

Deep underground
to a world
where the strangest creatures are found

Both foul and fair
after (?)  me
mock me without heeding my prayer

My life was frail
death was drawing near
here in the land of the pale

Then in a flash
all is changed
someone pulled my life from the ash

Honey I’m back…


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First discography covered!

Today is a gay and merry day on our site as we’ve completed the first band discography complete with band page etc. The band in question is the Norwegian Canterbury related outfit called Panzerpappa who were kind enough to donate and allow the use of pictures and art like album covers. Many thanks, guys!

The fact that the band’s entire discography is up along with a panzerpappa info page/post does by no means mean we’re done with them. Our information is not intended to stay static, but will hopefully be edited and further developed in the future to include more information on this brilliant prog-outfit. For now, check out their band post on the site (every mention of the band’s name on the blog will automatically turn into a link) and don’t hesitate to say if you have more information to add or something you’d like changed. If your ideas are good and your heart is true, we may make you an editor.

Check out Panzerpappa’s page and the discography links contained therein!


Panzerpappa – 2002 – Hulemysteriet

[cc_img_effect url=”http://politeforce.torden.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Panzerpappa-Hulemysteriet-2002-300×300.png” frame=”on” id=”1″] Hulemysteriet (in english: “the cave mystery”) is norwegian avant-prog band Panzerpappa’s second album, released in 2002.


The album was recorded in Amatøren studio and in Trond Gjellum’s living room between late 2001 and May 2002. Technicians were Trond Gjellum and Thomas Meidell. Mastering was done by Trond Gjellum. A revised version of the cover was made by Anders Kristian Krabberød in 2004.

Track listing

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]All songs by Panzerpappa.

  1. Spacefunkopera (8:41)
  2. Kamel uten filter (6:04)
  3. Jiddisk juksepolka (4:07)
  4. Verktøyet er den 23.veien (8:13)
  5. Hulemysteriet (5:16)
  6. Syk samba (6:27)
  7. De 99 trappetrinn (10:06)


[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]Panzerpappa

  • Endre Begby
    • Electric guitar and bass guitar [track 3]
  • Steinar Børve
    • Saxophones and keyboards
  • Trond Gjellum
    • Drums, percussion and electronics
  • Jørgen Skjulstad
    • Electric bass guitar, melodica and piano [track 3]

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Panzerpappa – 2000 – … Passer Gullfisk

[cc_img_effect url=”http://politeforce.torden.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/folder.jpg” frame=”on” id=”1″] … Passer Gullfisk is the debut album of norwegian avant-prog band Panzerpappa.

Track listing

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]All songs by Panzerpappa.

  1. Billettkontollørenes inntogsmarsj
  2. Skolepiano
  3. Malist
  4. Landsbysladder
  5. Kliving i masti er forbode. Det er fårleg å komme borti dei elektriske leidningane og festi deira


[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]Panzerpappa

  • Knut Tore Abrahamsen
    • Electric guitars
  • Steinar Børve
    • Saxophones, keyboards
  • Trond Gjellum
    • Drumkit, acoustic & electric percussion, balaphone, Glockenspiel, sampler, trondofon, melodica
  • Jørgen Skjulstad
    • Electric bass guitar, additional guitars, piano, melodica, Glockenspiel

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[cc_img_effect url=”http://politeforce.torden.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/DSC00217-Panzerpappa-på-Maiden-300×225.jpg” frame=”on” id=”1″]Panzerpappa is a norwegian avant-prog band. Due to some Canterburyan influences in sound and Richard Sinclair guesting their fourth album, Koralrevens Klagesang from 2006, the band is generally considered to be related to the Canterbury scene.


[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]The band was founded by Trond Gjellum who in 1996 started up Panzerpappa as a band project to play his own compositions inspired by bands like Univers Zero and Samla Mammas Manna. The project was shelved as Trond initially failed to recruit more members. In 1998, Trond is recruited as drummer to a band project playing music based on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings where he meets Steinar Børve. Because of their common influences and love of bands like Samla Mammas Manna, Univers Zero and also Henry Cow, Trond and Steinar agree to collaborate again in the future. Later in 1998, they form a band with Knut Tore Abrahamsen on guitar and Jørgen Skjulstad on bass under the name Panzerpappa.

In 1999, the band played several concerts before recording their debut … Passer Gullfisk in November which is later released in December.

In 2001, the band sees it’s first line-up change as Knut Tore Abrahamsen leaves the band when he moves with his wife to Copenhagen. He is replaced by Endre Begby, a friend of Trond and also a fan of the band. Obligations  outside the band and problems rehearsing leads to a slightly underrehearsed Panzerpappa recording their second album Hulemysteriet later that year. In 2002, the band nearly falls apart as both Jørgen Skjulstad and Endre Begby leave while Steinar Børve moves to Australia to study for half a year. Trond Gjellum was alone in Oslo with the task of finding replacements.

In March 2002, Richard Sinclair was invited to play in Norway by the Norwegian prog-rock magazine Tarkus who also organize a backing band for Sinclair. In this backing band, Trond Gjellum meets Anders Kristian Krabberød (bass) and Jarle Glesåen Storløkken (guitar) who are subsequently recruited to play in Panzerpappa. Steinar Børve returns from Australia in September in 2002 and the band is full yet again. This line-up records the band’s third album Farlig Vandring in 2004 and the acclaimed fourth album Koralrevens Klagesang in 2006 which features several guest artists, among them Richard Sinclair.

Since the release of Koralrevens Klagesang, the band has played concerts and worked on new material and recordings for their upcoming fifth album which is expected to be released in summer 2011.


[cc_half_col_left background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Current Members

  • Anders Kristian Krabberød
  • Jarle Gleåsen Storløkken
  • Steinar Børve
  • Trond Gjellum


[cc_half_col_right background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Previous members

  • Endre Begby
  • Jørgen Skjulstad
  • Knut Tore Abrahamsen




… Passer Gullfisk (2000)[/cc_fourth_col]


Hulemysteriet (2002)[/cc_fourth_col]


Farlig Vandring (2004)[/cc_fourth_col]


Koralrevens Klagesang (2006)[/cc_fourth_col_right]


[nggallery id=1]


Panzerpappa – 2006 – Koralrevens Klagesang

[cc_img_effect url=”http://politeforce.torden.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Panzerpappa-Koralrevens-Klagesang-2006-300×300.png” frame=”on” id=”1″] Koralrevens klagesang is norwegian avant-prog band Panzerpappa’s fourth album, released by Hangar B in 2006. In addition to the band, the album features performances by several guest musicians, among them Richard Sinclair who does vocals on the track Vintervake which is the only song on the album with sung lyrics.


The album was recorded and mixed by Panzerpappa at Avant Audio in Oslo between July 2005 and June 2006. The album was mastered at Strype Audio by Audun Strype. Cover concept was developed by Steinar Børve, while colouring was done by Gunhild Vold and album art layout was done by Håvar Gjelseth from This Way Design.

Track list

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]All songs are composed and written by Panzerpappa.

  1. Koralrevens Klagesang I (2:43)
    • Gjellum, arranged by Krabberød and Panzerpappa
  2. Koralrevens Klagesang II (4:54)
    • Gjellum, Børve
  3. Kantonesisk Kantour (9:12)
    • Børve
  4. Apraxia (3:26)
    • Krabberød, Børve, arranged by Panzerpappa
  5. Snill Sang På Band (5:59)
    • Gjellum, Børve
  6. Etyde (6:19)
    • Storløkken
  7. Vintervake (Featuring Richard Sinclair) (5:35)
    • Børve
  8. Frenetisk Frenologi (For Nybegynnere) (14:15)
    • Gjellum, Storløkken, Krabberød, Børve
  9. Koralrevens Klagesang III (2:48)
    • Gjellum, Børve


[cc_half_col_left background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Guest musicians

  • Anders Tomasgaard
    • Trumpet, tracks 1 & 2
  • Christine Gullhav
    • Flute on tracks 3, 6 & 8, bass clarinet on track 6, clarinet on track 9
  • Jon Wesseltoft
    • Virus synth, track 8
  • Morten Westerfjell
    • French horn, tracks 1 & 2
  • Ola Lindh
    • Vibraphone on tracks 3 & 4
  • Ole Magnus N. Ekeberg
    • Tuba, tracks 1 & 2
  • Richard Sinclair
    • Lead vocals, track 7
  • Thomas Meidell
    • Musical saw, track 4
  • Trond Borgen
    • Trombone, tracks 1 & 2


[cc_half_col_right background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]Panzerpappa

  • Anders Kristian Krabberød
    • Electric bass guitar, chapman stick, fake baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Jarle Glesåen Storløkken
    • Electric and acoustic guitars, accordion, banjo, vocals
  • Steinar Børve
    • Alto saxophone, keyboards, percussion, vocals
  • Trond Gjellum
    • Drum kit, acoustic and electric percussion, keyboards, melodica, balaphone, prepared guitar, vocals



  • The album title features a pun. “Koralrev” means “choral reef” in Norwegian, but the norwegian word for “reef” is the same as the word for “fox”, hence the strange fox-fish creature on the album cover. “Klagesang” is Norwegian for “lament” and so the full translated title (pun included) roughly translates to “The Lament of the Choral Fox”.
  • The last sound on the album at the end of Koralrevens Klagesang III is the snap as one of guitarist Jarle G. Storløkken’s strings break which happened just as they were done playing the last take.

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Panzerpappa – 2004 – Farlig Vandring

[cc_img_effect url=”http://politeforce.torden.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Panzerpappa-Farlig-Vandring-2004-296×300.png” frame=”on” id=”1″] Farlig Vandring is Panzerpappa’s third album. It was released on the label Avant Audio Productions in 2004. Farlig Vandring was the first Panzerpappa album to feature the current lineup.


Recording and mixing of the album took place in Spendless Studios in Oslo in November and December 2003. The album was recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Panzerpappa with some help from Thomas Meidel. It was mastered at Lydmuren, Oslo, January 2004. Cover art was designed by Lars Wettestad and Snorkelreven.

Track list

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]All songs by Panzerpappa.

  1. Farlig Vandring (På Tynt Vann) (Harzardous Hiking, on Thin Water) (8:33)
    • Gjellum, Storløkken, Børve, Krabberød
  2. Ellipsoidisk Karusell (Ellipsoidic Merry-go-round (10:41)
    • Krabberød, Storløkken
  3. Utrygge Trøfler (Troubling Truffles) (7:05)
    • Børve
  4. Agraphia (6:55)
    • Krabberød
  5. Sykkelgnomflaten (The Bicycle Gnome Bug) (6:55)
    • Børve
  6. Ompapaomompapa (Uhmpahpahuhmuhmpahpah) (9:42)
    • Gjellum, Storløkken, Krabberød, Børve


[cc_half_col_left background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]


  • Anders Krabberød
    • 5-string fretted and 4 string fretless electric bass guitars, 10-string chapman stick (#1438)
  • Jarle G. Storløkken
    • electric, semi-acoustic and acoustic guitars
  • Steinar Børve
    • keyboards, alto and baritone saxophone
  • Trond Gjellum
    • drum kit, electric & acoustic percussion, sampling, tronofon


[cc_half_col_right background_color=”f1f1f1″ radius=”6″ shadow_color=”888888″]

Guest musicians

  • Ida Cecilie Tingstein
    • violin, track 2
  • Ingrid Bergh Mehus
    • violin, track 2
  • Ola Lindh
    • vibraphone, tracks 3 and 4


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