The Writers Contest!

The Polite Force was always meant to be a site with many contributors, a bit like an online version of FaceLift Magazine, but the site (which was created only earlier this year) is still teething and the number of contributors is still low. In order to promote more activity, I’m holding a writers competition on the site where contributors will have the chance to win a prize.

The contest

In order to qualify as contestants, participants have to write a piece on the front page / blog part of the site (the one you see when you visit It could be an album review, musings about a certain song, an interview with someone from the scene, a tribute to an artist .. pretty much whatever you like as long as it’s somehow related to the Canterbury scene! The “best” contribution wins and contributions have to be submitted before tuesday 13th of December, so before tuesday next week!

The prize

The winner gets a CD, The Best of Daevid Allen released in 2006, which includes songs featuring Daevid Allen, either solo stuff or with bands like The Soft Machine or one of the many incarnations of Gong. The cover of it looks like this :

The Best of Daevid Allen (2006)

Until I write up a fact sheet here, more information about the album can be found at

Entering the contest

In order to write on the blog part of the site, you first have to register (unless you already have) and then I have to set your account up with the right privileges. After registering to the site, visit this thread and make a post and I’ll set you up as a writer!

Although that will be the preferred method, it will also be possible to email me submissions and I can publish them here in your name.

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